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I'm Darshan, a UX Designer who speaks fluent code and dreams in pixels.

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Redesigning Camera Compatibility Finder

Navigating the challenge to satisfy numerous stakeholders

Adopting UX at Exacq Technologies

A Journey of Incorporating UX Strategy into video surveillance products

Intelligent Call Routing

Solving the woes of a hyper busy customer support line

Empowering Customers

Managing a never-ending surge in support calls


How can we improve the people's experience with shared workspaces?

Hi, I’m Darshan πŸ‘‹
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Hey there! I'm a UI/UX designer who speaks fluent code and dreams in pixels. I've got a knack for crafting experiences that make users go 'wow' and competitors go 'uh-oh'.
UX Design, Product Management
Customer Support at STANLEY Security
Addressing the surge in support calls
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Product Management, Market Research, UX Design
PowerTrack for Guardian Machine Protection
Enabling manufacturers to reach maximum efficiency
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